What's Included In The Package?

Your Company's Ads Management

Lead Generation

Our team will leverage our proprietary software to gather 100 leads daily from your specified
target audience. We'll then meticulously filter these leads to identify those most promising
for engagement.

We'll design attention-grabbing ads for your company and run multiple growth campaigns.
Based on the results we achieve, we'll tweak our strategies and improve the ad designs.

Daily Outreach

Conversion Strategy

Monthly Analytic Report

Our team will initiate direct messages to a minimum of 100 leads daily, sourced through our
software, totaling 3000 messages per month.

After sending out the 100 messages daily, our team will diligently follow up with these leads
until the final step, where your company successfully closes them, whether it's through your
company's website, meetings, or any other designated method.


Your company will receive a comprehensive analytics report at the end of each month,
highlighting growth metrics, engagement rates, and conversion data in detail.

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